Experience is everything is Café Del Mar. In the summer of 1980, we
opened a small bar on the western shore of San Antonio. Forty years later our family still serves hundreds of revellers at the world's most iconic sunset bar. We have created a Spirits collection that reflects our beautiful and soulful history, Evoking memories as the sun gently sets on the horizon.

Lose yourself in the scents of sea, breath-taking backdrops and Balearic beats - no longer a thousand miles away but so close you can taste it all on your lips. Our spirits offer the quintessential experience of Ibiza swirled into a velvet liquid, the remedy to your nostalgia.  Escape the everyday in the company of unique people connected by the island’s magnetic nature; a feeling that cannot be described, only shared.  

It’s the moment when you fell in love with the white island, the seascape, the people, the music – it’s iconic and inclusive.

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