One of the UK’s longest-standing record labels and event series, cult clubbing brand Back To Basics is celebrating three decades of killer beats and dancefloor shenanigans.

Founded by legendary promoter Dave Beer in 1991, the house and techno imprint has played a key role in the history of British club culture and established a loyal following that, over the years, began to introduce a new generation to the Back To Basics' way of life.

As Beer himself said in an interview with The Ransom Note, “People are coming to the club with their kids now, my kids come to the club. The age range is from 18 to 60, people come down to the club and they tell me 'oh, the young ‘uns in tonight.”

The appeal of Back To Basics is not fading, and this month, Beer and his crew are celebrating the milestone with a series of events and surprises that will culminate in an epic prohibition-themed party at The Warehouse in Leeds on November 20th 2021.

Back To Basics Recordings

Beer wrote in a post on social media, “It feels great to be back doing what we do best after what seems like an eternity since our last party before the apocalyptic times that we have all been through. Thankfully this year we're able to celebrate Basics' anniversary.

“Like I said before I can't believe it's been 30 years. Three generations of clubbers spawning God knows how many babies. We have seen many comments from people who have met their partners at the club over the years.

"Back in the hedonistic ‘90s it was always about burning out, not fading away. I'm glad we've had the chance to keep the fire burning this long. God bless you all, DJs and clubbers...”

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October 12, 2021