We could write a book trying to say what Back to Basics is - instead of that, we decided to share some quality DJ quotes - Steve Lawler, Todd Terry, Paul Oakenfold, Darius Syrossion, reveal their memories of Dave Beer and the clubbing Institution that is Back to Basics

Darius Syrossian (Do Not Sleep)
"Basics was one of the first clubs I went to around the time I started going to illegal raves in the early to mid- 90s. After the Criminal Justice Act came in and there was a crackdown on raves, Basics was one of the first clubs to really embrace house and techno and do it properly in a club, so it's a very important night for the culture of clubbing in the UK."

Todd Terry (InHouse Records)
"Basics is one of the key players in the house movement, meaning when you play for them you can always try something new and fresh. All respect to Dave Beer!
"One of the greatest moments is when I played Black Riot, A Day In The Life, and the place exploded; I have never experienced a crowd loving one of my records like that."

Paul Oakenfold (Perfecto Records)
"Back to Basics was always a club I enjoyed playing. Great crowd and loved working with Dave Beer. I would always leave the club smiling after having a great time with Dave and hanging out in Leeds."

Steve Lawler (VIVa MUSiC)
"Basics means Dave Beer, whenever I think of one I automatically think of the other, both of which have built their reputation on an establishment and hedonism of which I am a big fan."
"I would say more biggest memory as opposed to fondest. I have had many a decadent moment with Mr Beer! When a girl I was with once, completely off her head, wrapped Dave in toilet paper and then decided to light it... someone then decided to put Dave out with a glass of vodka! Luckily it didn't turn out anywhere near as bad." 

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